Welcome to Happy Marriage Dating – Orange County Matchmaking Services!

Congratulation with taking action to change your life for a more
interesting and fulfilling future by looking at the opportunity to find
the best Match for your mind, body and spirit.
We are providing successful matchmaking services for single people who
look forward to a happy and healthy relationship which would potentially
result in marriage.
We are a very private agency; we do not expose your photo or personal
information to the public on our website or photo in an album of
men/women until we have found a good match for you based on your
selection criteria.
There is no membership fee. However, in order to preserve our client’s
safety, we perform a comprehensive background check including. The
background check costs $60.
You will be charged $300 for Matchmaking services only when we find a
good match for you and provide the contact information to meet with
him/her. In case the partner we match you with you does not meet your
expectations, you will have two more possibilities to meet another
man/woman without additional cost.
If your dating results in marriage, there is an additional charge, and
additional privileges for using marriage related legal services.
Although it may not be the most romantic thing to discuss on a
Matchmaking Services website, it is important to have discussions about
what might happen if your feelings change in the future before you get
married. According to research, prenuptial agreements lead to stronger
marriages. Based on our experience in dissolution of marriage, we
strongly recommend you have a prenuptial agreement before entering a
I hope to provide you with a great opportunity to build your happy
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